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In Focus: Benzion Klatzko

In this interview, we talk with Rabbi Benzion Klatzko: a musician, a lecturer, and the creator of - about music, his time in Hollywood, and the ingredients of a great Shabbat. 

Rabbi Benzion Klatzko, creator of, shows us around the gorgeous Monsey dining room where he hosts his famous regular Shabbatons. is a social network to help Jews find Shabbos meals (and now shidduchim!). I've found Rabbi Klatzko to be someone who really puts his money where his mouth is.


He regularly hosts massive Shabbatons with 60+ guests, and uses his own platform to invite guests and manage numbers. At last check, the app lists him as having sent out a whopping total of 29,679 invites.

To see what a Klatzko Shabbaton looks like in action, click here:

I had the pleasure of joining Rabbi Klatzko for a Shabbaton and would strongly recommend checking one out for yourself the next time you're in Monsey. It's free, the atmosphere is good, and there's a strong chance you'll meet some people you really get along with over Shabbat.


To request an invite to a Klatzko Shabbat, go to:, search for Rabbi Benzion Klatzko, & click "Host Me". 

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